Heli Strike - Helicopter Game

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Heli Strike – Helicopter Game

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  • Heli Strike - Helicopter Game
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Heli Strike – Helicopter Game

Heli Strike helicopter game is a 2nd generation flash game involving flying helicopter and shooting from it. To be precise, it’s the kind of 2D shooting game most of you probably have forgotten about because of permittivity of the genre and gameplay process in general. Simply using arrows to left and right and clicking mouse to fire is not only criteria to define primitivism, it’s the absence of the goal in the game, absence of the story, progression, and lots of other things that make computer game interesting.

Play Heli Strike – Helicopter Game

Truth be told, the only reason we decided to feature this game on PlayHelicopterGame.org website is overall rating and popularity of the game, while it isn’t too high, there aren’t many flash games / java games involving helicopter. But not all of it is that bad, its actually quite playable and even enjoyable if you’re on a verge of boredom. It is highly unlikely that anyone could possibly say about Heli Strike something like “dude, have you seen Heli Strike game? it’s awesome, cool graphics and blablabla” but on the other hand, game has its advantages, such as no thinking required, simplicity, no saving game progress required, no much thinking to do, simply fly the copter and shoot stuff. Some people like exactly this category of games, and as much as author of this review finds Heli Strike absolute trash, we are obligated to consider your wishes.

Game instructions:

As a pilot of heavy helicopter Black Shark you need to get to the end of the level by destroying enemy forces. Special bonuses and powerups are available in the game, make sure you pick up bonuses such as health kits on the way, they are needed to complete mission.

  • Heli Strike - Helicopter Game
  • Heli Strike - Helicopter Game
  • Heli Strike Game
  • Heli Strike Gameplay

You don’t actually need a keyboard to manipulate helicopter, in order to move helicopter navigate mouse left and right, back/forw. Left mouse click to shoot from the machine gun and Space Bar to launch rockets.

Heli Strike - Helicopter Game, 4.4 out of 5 based on 27 ratings

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