Crazy Helicopter Game

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    Crazy Helicopter Game
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Crazy Helicopter Game

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  • Crazy Helicopter Gamer
  • Crazy Helicopter Game

Crazy Helicopter is a wanna be The Helicopter Game, it’s not as addictive and fun to play as the original one but people find it enjoyable anyway. In fact, the game is just as popular as the original one. The only advantage of Crazy Helicopter is the ability to actually submit high scores rather than posting it on comments. Though you may need to register at Mochimedia website in order to submit scores, good thing is that no matter what website you prefer to play this game at, your high scores will stay untouched, as long as you remember your account. But Mochi is planning to change score submission system, soon enough, players won’t have to register in order to submit, but rather enter the preferable name when submitting.

Play Crazy Helicopter

Game concept and mechanics is basically the same as original game, you fly a helicopter and avoid obstacles which are pretty much the same as in The Helicopter Game. The actual difference between these two games is a visuals, helicopter looks different, background and other objects also look different but in general, these two share the same concept and gameplay process. Also, Crazy Helicopter is more difficult to play then original game, chopper is considerably harder to manipulate and it is way harder to estimate collisions. Usually, more difficult games are more popular but not in this case, it actually gets quite annoying sometimes when crash the chopper, while you could easily avoid this in original game. This level of difficulty makes this game frustrating for most people, something like in Chopper 2 game from iPad and iPhone devices.

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Control mechanism for the Crazy Helicopter Game is similar to the original game: Mouse click and hold to lift the helicopter up and let go to descend.

Crazy Helicopter Game, 3.5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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